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Acquiring a Quick Permit for a Foreign Worker- A Special Procedure before Release from the Hospital

How to hire a foreign worker quickly

Author:  Michal Avraham / Family Care
Last update26/05/16
Intro:Is there a way to hire a foreign worker quickly?

A family that wishes to hire a foreign worker to care for a loved one may, at times, need this worker without delay.  To employ a foreign worker you must obtain a special permit from the Authorization Office of the Population and Immigration Authority . At the same time, you must contact a private employment agency that brings in and places foreign workers from overseas  in order to find a suitable foreign worker.These two processes, occurring simultaneously, take about two to three months.

Is there a way to to speed up the process of hiring foreign worker?

A person who is about to be released from the hospital can request a special permit to quickly employ a foreign worker soon after his/her release.This process takes about one month. To do this he/she must present a written diagnosis from a hospital doctor, indicating the need for continued care, along with the estimated date of release.  This special permit is given for three months only.  In order to extend it, the applicant must follow the standard procedures. Note that the special permit only allows the employment of a foreign worker who is already in Israel, and does not permit bringing in a worker from abroad.

How to request the special permit for quick employment of a foreign worker

It is advisable to ask the social worker at the hospital for assistance.  You must submit the request for the permit to the Authorization Office for Foreign Workers, together with a letter from the hospital doctor indicating  the expected day of release and the need for 24-hour care and supervision.  As noted above, the permit obtained through this procedure is only good for three months. During this time the family must apply for a permanent permit through the regular procedure.  The application for a special permit involves a fee.

Click here to download the forms and pay the fee.

How can you quickly find a foreign worker right away?

It must be emphasized that the special permit to quickly employ a foreign worker immediately only applies to foreign workers who are already in Israel. Private Employment agencies that place foreign workers as home caregivers keep a data base of foreign workers who are in the country and are currently  “between jobs” and available for work.

For a list of employment agencies and home care services click here.

A quick process for employing a foreign worker for oncological patients (not associated with hospitalization)

In the case of oncological patients, the process of obtaining a permit is faster. Apply to the Population and Immigration Authority, attaching an applicatim and medical dicumant from the oncological facility where the patient receives treatment. Please note: this permit must be renewed every six months.


It is highly advisable to contact an employment agency the moment you decide to hire a foreign worker to care for a loved one about to be released from the hospital. The agency will help you submit the required forms to the Authorization Office, and effectively follow the processing of the request, assisting the family until the foreign worker  is employed, following the relative’s release from the hospital.

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