“Family Care” – Guidance & Information Center for family members and caregivers of the elderly

The information center for the care-giving family was founded by “Reuth” (one of the biggest and oldest non-profit organizations in Israel working in the area of health and social services, founded in 1938) together with “Eshel” (the association for the planning and development of services for the elderly in Israel, founded in 1969 by “Joint-Malben” and supported by the government of Israel and “Joint Israel”), in order to help you care for your parents and loved ones.
Our purpose is to supply you with the most up-to-date information so that your family can make the right decisions, save time and money, and most importantly – you will know that you are not alone.  We are here, together, along with many others in similar situations, to help each other.
At “Family Care” a large number of non-profit organizations has joined together, such as: Emda, Bekol, Na’aman, Yad Riva and many others, which specialize in a wide variety of issues.  The staff of the information center, made up of professionals in the fields of aging, gerontology, social work and rehabilitation, is here to answer any questions which you may have concerning your elderly parents.

Reliability over everything

At “Family Care”, numerous articles, original and in translation, are being published.  These articles are frequently reevaluated by experts in order to confirm their continued relevance.  In the site, there are articles about medical matters, home and nursing home care, laws and rights, finances and consumerism and other issues which we consider relevant to caring for your relatives.

Support Groups

As caregivers we are aware of the importance of having a supportive community, a community which shares it personal story and the knowledge it has acquired in caring for relatives.  At the “Family Care” site, you can contact other people who are experiencing similar situations, receive answers to your questions and share the knowledge you have acquired with people who are coping just like you are.

Protecting your confidentiality

We work according to a clear ethical code and will not make any use of the information sent to us.
See “terms of use”

Contact Us

To contact “Family Care”-  press here

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