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    The Duties of the Bituach Leumi Caregiver

    What does personal home care include within the framework of the Long-Term Care Insurance Law of Bituach Leumi?

    Last update: 27/01/20

    How to get a home nursing care from  Bituach Leumi?

    Elderly people who need daily assistance can obtain a weekly quota of home care hours from Bituach Leumi through the Long-Term Care Insurance Law. These hours may be utilized for personal care from a caregiver who comes to the elderly person’s home, and assists him/ her in daily functions and activities.

    The law clearly defines the duties of caregivers within the Long-Term Care Benefit: 

    1.     Clothes – the caregiver must assist the person in putting on clothes and shoes, taking care of laundry and ironing, and making sure clothing is appropriate for the season.

    2.      Bathing and personal hygiene – the caregiver must provide help in bathing and personal care, including assistance in changing absorbency products when needed.

    3.      Meals – the caregiver must assist the elderly person in eating, cooking, and shopping for food.

    4.      Accompaniment – the caregiver must help the elderly person walk inside and outside the home, and accompany him/ her to medical appointments and other outings.

    5.      Cleaning – the caregiver must perform light cleaning tasks –  washing the dishes, tidying the kitchen, light cleaning in the bedroom, changing sheets and making the bed, and tidying the bathroom and shower. The caregiver is not responsible for heavy cleaning tasks.

    Additional advice about utilizing the Long-Term Care Benefit 

    * To make best use of the caregivers’s quota of hours, it is best to prepare a clear list of tasks (such as cooking, laundry etc.) before she arrives.

    * The hour quota of the Long-Term Care Benefit can be exchanged for a package of products and services, which includes an emergency button, absorbency products and attending a day center for the elderly. Consult a social worker regarding the best way to utilize the hour quota. Consider building a care program that combines home care hours with time spent at a day center for the elderly.

    * Please note: the program you have set up, together with the social worker who coordinates the committee for the Long-Term Care Benefit, can later be changed and adapted to the changing needs.

    The information presented in the English website is partial. For full info please visit our Hebrew website

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