Co-ownership in an Aging Parent’s Bank Account

Taking account of the situation before opening a joint account

What’s the best way to help your parents manage their money? Should you have a joint account? Are there any other options? It’s very important to talk to your parents at an early stage about the preferable way to help them with their finances, if and when the need arises

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8 Essential Advice for Adult Children of Elderly Parents

Prepare for the day when your parents need your help

Important advice for adult children who are caring for aging parents

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The Primary Caregiver

The primary caregiver is a type of care-giving superwoman

The primary caregiver is the family’s pillar of strength, and the one who mediates between the elderly person and the outside world. Primary caregivers want to do everything in the best possible way, but they have to remember that they must take care of themselves and their own health just as much as they watch out for the patient.

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