Counseling & Guidance in Choosing a Nursing Home

How to choose the appropriate facility for your elderly parent

Contacts with institutions, shortcuts and assistance with the bureaucracy, these are some of the advantages of a nursing home consultants agency. But is this the best way to find a nursing home?

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nursing home payment for the elderly/ mentally ill

When does the law prohibit extra charges for products or services?

The prohibition against additional charges for services in a Nursing Home for seniors who require nursing care or are mentally frail

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Nursing Home vs. Retirement Home

The differences between nursing homes and retirement homes

The differences between nursing homes and retirement homes stem mostly from the functional condition of their respective residents. This influences the care and services provided by each type of facility

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Tips for Choosing a Nursing Home

How to choose a nursing home suitable for your parent’s needs

The decision to place the care of an aging parent in the hands of a nursing home is difficult for both the parent and the family. Moving into a nursing home has many implications, and you must make sure that you have chosen the right place for your family member. Here are a few tips for choosing a nursing home

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Meeting the Expense of a Senior’s Home

On options for paying the costs of a home

The central consideration in the decision to move your elderly parent to a nursing home is a financial one. What are the ways to receive financial assistance and when can you be assisted by the government for this purpose?

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What should be included in a nursing home’s admission contract?

The conditions that must be in the acceptance contracts for older population institutions

It is very important to read the Nursing Home Acceptance Agreement before signing it because it includes all the rights and obligations of the resident and the institution. The following are the important points that should be included in the Nursing Home Acceptance Agreement

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