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    Lending Medical Equipment

    Organizations Which Lend Medical Equipment

    Last update: 05/12/21

    Yad Sarah

    Yad Sarah was established in 1976 .Yad Sarah`s mission is to keep the ill and elderly in their homes and out of institutions as long as possible. Their best-known service is the lending of medical and rehabilitative equipment .This service is provided via branches of Yad Sarah throughout the country.

    More at Yad Sarah:

    • “Nechonit” – transportation for people with mobility disabilities
    • Computerized emergency button service, connecting subscribers to the call center 24/7
    • Creative occupation service for people confined to their homes and day rehab centers
    • Targeted services for children and seniors such as: geriatric dental clinic, legal assistance for seniors, social and cultural clubs.

    Lions Israel

    Lions Israel was established in 1969 when then Prime Minister David Ben Gurion asked Teddy Kollek to help him establish Lions clubs in Israel. In the same year the clubs in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa were founded.

    In Israel, the organization is involved with issues of health, welfare, and education, which includes the lending of medical equipment for free, as well as helping schools and kindergartens for disabled children, organizing bar/bat mitzvah celebrations, summer camps and computer classes for children from low-income families, organizing blood drives, a hospital visiting service and mediation courses for adults and teens in order to decrease the level of violence in Israeli society.

    Press here to contact Lions Israel.

    Ezer Mizion

    Established in 1979, Ezer MiZion is involved in the field of paramedical assistance for the ill and disabled, helping people with functioning problems and people in crisis, through a broad range of projects and programs. To enable the ill and disabled to remain at home with their families, Ezer MiZion lends medical and rehab equipment for home use, free of charge.

    The loaned equipment is expensive, and is stored carefully, and maintained in good condition. In addition, Ezer MiZion provides seniors in need of nursing care and bedbound patients with a range of hygenic and incontinence  products at the lowest prices, together with professional guidance.

    Press here for a list of Ezer Mizion branches.

    Ezra Lemarpeh

    The Ezra Lemarpeh Organization was founded in 1979 , with the goal of alleviating the suffering of the sick and their families who care for them, by offering a wide range of services for their benefit: lending medical equipment, flying patients to medical centers around the world,  providing ambulance services, importing medications unavailable in Israel based on medical subscriptions, visiting the sick, offering humanitation aid, arranging for emergency blood transfusions,

    ,   provides counseling and referral to medical experts,  running a Home Care Program for children with cancer , giving emotional support, conducting international telemedical video conferences, running a clinic of medical experts for second opinions, and managing a day rehab center, an afternoon program for children with special needs and another for healthy children whose parents are in hospital.

    Press here for a list of Ezra Lemarpeh branches.

    Ezrat Achim

    Ezrat Achim was founded by Rav Avraham Kopp in 2000.

    Serving the residents of Beit Shemesh, the organization operates special vehicles transporting the disabled to hospitals, and its volunteers cook Shabbat meals for families of patients. Ezrat Achim also employs a non-Jewish paramedic who patrols through the city on Shabbat and Jewish holidays. A call center equipped with an innovative monitor operated by an expert midwife prevents unneeded travel to the hospital at night or on Shabbat. Hundreds of burn cases are also treated by the organization’s experts.  The Chairman is Rabbi Avraham Baruch.

    For assistance please call 02-9990000

    Press here for a list of Ezrat Achim existing services.

    Ner David

    The Ner David Avi Association for nursing and cure in the south was established in 1992. It lends medical equipment and provides ambulance services and other services to the ill, the elderly and the poor.  It also supports community life by meeting welfare needs.

    For more information call 08-6780477

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