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    Hello Ms. Michal. I am Debra a pilipina caregiver of Shifra Hermoni. I just want to ask because I am pregnant and now I am on my maternity leave vacation. I don’t have a paper that comes every month and sign it like others caregiver they said I am private, so what can I do the daughter said call to bituach so that they can pay you? what can I do? Can I have a contact number of the bituach agency but my agency said it’s the responsibility of your employer. hope you can help me. I will very much appreciate it. Thank you. Waiting for your reply.



    Hello Debra
    Bituach Leumi will pay you 14 weeks maternity leave vacation in condition that your Bituach Leumi fees were paid as required.This will happen only after you will give birth.when you will be at the hospital ask them for a special form that you have to fill and then you have to hand it over to Bituach Leumi branch where you are registered.THEN IT WILL TAKE A WHILE AND YOU WILL RECEIVE THE MONEY. We wish you good luck and ‘mazal tov!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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