At the Reuth-Eshel Information Center you can receive information and advice about aging, rehabilitation, home care and geriatrics.

The information is intended for the “in-between” generation, whose members are caring for their elderly parents, the elderly parents themselves, and professionals.

The Information Center responds to more than 10,000 requests a year.  The service is given through the telephone by social workers or other professionals  who are are experts in the field of aging, geriatric medication and rehabilitation.

Contact Us

By Telephone:    1-700-700-204

By filling out Online Form:    press here

The information is provided free of charge, as a service to the public.

The Information Center representatives will answer calls Sunday- Thursday, from 9:00 through 16:00 – after these hours leave a message.

The “Reuth-Eshel” Information Center was founded by two public organizations: “Reuth” and “Eshel”.

Reuth” is one of the biggest and oldest non-profit organizations in Israel working in the area of health and social services and was founded in 1938, and “Eshel” is an association for the planning and development of services for the elderly in Israel, founded in 1969 by “Joint-Malben” and supported by the government of Israel and “Joint Israel”.

In addition, the following institutions are partners in our project: The Barzilai Medical Center, Ashkelon; Department of Social Services, Jerusalem, The Association for the Aged and Department of Social Services,Ramat Gan; Department of Social Services and “Shilo” The Association for the Aged, Haifa; Department of Social Services, Bat Yam; The Association for the Aged and Department of Social Services, Rishon Letzion; “Gil Oz” The Association for the Aged in the Emek Hamaayanot; the “Sav-yom” Daycare Center, Jezreel Valley; “Alma” The Association for the Aged , Upper Nazareth;  Shalom
Association for the Care of the Elderly,Sachnin.The Association for the Aged, Bnei Brak

The Ellern Information and Support Center for Seniors

The Ellern Information Center was founded by” Beit Ellern Foundation” together with Tel Aviv –Jaffa  municipality . A service provided for the older generation in Tel Aviv – Jaffa.  The Ellern Information Center is a telephone service, providing information, advice, counseling and guidance in every area of life for the senior citizens of Tel Aviv-Jaffa.

The Center is run by “Reuth” and “Eshel” in cooperation with the city of Tel Aviv-Jaffa and the Beit Ellern Foundation.  It is open from Monday through Thursday between 8:00 – 16:00

Telephone: 03-537-8880